Event Overview

This multi-sport event begins in Historic Downtown Salem on the banks of the Willamette River. This course has participants kayaking, biking and running their way through the Willamette Valley and up into the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range. From start to finish participants will see stunning beauty along the Willamette River, fertile farmlands, wine country and finish with the breath taking scenery of world famous Silver Falls State Park. Challengers can compete as a team, or for those tough enough, as individuals.

Come join us on September 16 and experience the beauty of Salem and the surrounding Willamette Valley!

Leg #1 Paddle

The first leg of the event is a 6.2 mile paddle on the Willamette River. The event will start at River Front Park in Downtown Salem.   Participants must run a half mile from the park across the Union Street Railroad Pedestrian Bridge to the kayak staging location at Wallace Marine Park where they will grab their kayaks or paddle boards and paddle downstream to Spongs Landing County Park. The river is flat for the majority of the trip with a couple of small rapids that can easily be negotiated. An average river current of 4 miles per hour assures that everyone will reach Spongs Landing at some point whether they paddle or simply float. Leg #1 has a total distance of 6.2 miles with estimated finish times ranging between 1-2 hours.

Participants can use kayaks or stand up paddle boards. All vessels must use paddle. Boats with oarlocks are not allowed. Participants must have a whistle and an approved life jacket on board.

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Leg #2 Bike

The second leg consists of a 40.3 mile bike ride through the rich farmlands of the Willamette Valley. Quite country roads give riders plenty of room with minimal traffic along the tour.   Participants will pass dozens of different crops as they peddle along, showcasing the agricultural diversity of the valley to include vineyards, wheat fields, cherry trees, Christmas trees and more. Along the route riders will gradually gain elevation as they slowly head up to Silver Falls State park in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The final 5 miles is the most challenging as the road tilts upwards to the State Park. Leg #2 is 40.3 miles in length with 2400 feet of total elevation with an estimated time finish times 2-4 hours.

Participants may complete this leg using any style of bike they choose. Aerodynamic wheels and handlebars are allowed but no fairings or recumbents will be permitted. Bikes will go through a safety check prior to the event and must have working brakes and gears. An ANSI approved helmet is required at all times while on the bike.

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Leg #3 Run

The third and final leg of the River2Ridge Relay takes competitors on a 5.8 mile loop around the stunning Silver Falls State Park. With amazing views of several large waterfalls, huge old growth forest, and lush green vegetation the park is a world class attraction that sees over 1 million visitors a year from around. Competitors can run or hike this leg with a generous time allotment. Bring trail shoes as the course will wind along a number of forest trails for this challenging but spectacularly scenic loop. Be prepared for uneven surfaces as this is truly a natural dirt trail. The course is 5.8 miles long with 800 feet of elevation. Estimated finishing times will be 1-3 hours. Aid station will be provided to competitors every 2 miles along the course.

Link to View Ride With GPS Map